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Photography Agrume

We set out to create a purely visual portrayal of warm effervescence and pleasure. This obtained greater depth during the process. I came to see my model as the Egyptian goddess Kebechet, meaning cooling water.

About this work

Agrume is a deeply-layered image that combines intense preparation and spontaneity. We started by cutting dozens of citrus fruits into thin slices and arranging them between two acrylic glass plates. We sealed the plates and immersed them in water, adding loose slices to the water for depth.

We asked our model to imagine the sensual pleasure of cool, refreshing water revitalizing her body after an eternity of joyless waiting.

Kebechet is considered the goddess of freshness and purification, who brought water to the souls of those waiting to begin the afterlife. My portrayal is of a sensual goddess immersed in refreshing water, her source of purification.

We dropped fruit slices in the water to convey movement and depth. With the fruit being pulled down by gravity, we captured the fleeting moment when Kebechet erupts with life.

  • Art-Direction/Photography: Jonas Leriche
  • Make-up: Emilie Guillermin
  • Model: Anonymous
  • Behind The Scenes Photography: Ilse de Smedt