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Art Nouveau

Photography Art Nouveau

Creating my first sculpture was an exercise in fading my own creative boundaries, just like the fading of boundaries between different forms of art during the Art Nouveau era.

Art Nouveau Teaser

About this work

After creating La Renaissance and Baroque, I started working on my first sculpture. A golden skull with spikes, resting on a marble base. That piece inspired me to create Art Nouveau.

Like its predecessors, Art Nouveau refers to a historical style of art, architecture and applied art, which flourished in the early 1900s in Europe and the United States.

  • Art-Direction/Photography: Jonas Leriche
  • Make-up: Vanessa Davis
  • Make-up Assistant: Gabi Havens
  • Model: Sébastien Tassin
  • Video: Jesse David Harris
  • Behind The Scenes Photography: Caro Leriche