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Photography DOKURO ドクロ

About this work

In the artwork Dokuro, the viewer can clearly see the concepts of beauty and fashion combined with that of the spiritual being which lies underneath.

This artwork is intended as a commentary on the temporality of beauty. In this lifetime, one can be beautiful, one can be rich, but beneath the facade lies the brute reality of the skeleton - the reminder of our common fate.

This skeleton is all that will be left after one dies. It signifies that in the end, we are all equal. Nothing is eternal ... nobody is immortal. Dokuro (the skull) is a symbol expressing the inevitable truth of mortality.

  • Art-Direction/Photography: Jonas Leriche
  • Make-up: Amazing Jiro
  • Make-up assistant: Yui Amano
  • Model: Lola Alcaluzac
  • Video: Tommy Vuylsteke
  • Behind The Scenes Photography: Alex Vega Lynn