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Photography Kherpi

About this work

While immersing myself in the history of ancient Egypt, I was inspired by their fascination with scarab beetles. They are a prevalent symbol in their religion and are connected with Khepri, the god of the sun and rebirth.

Khepri is derived from Egyptian language, as it means "develop", "come into being", or “create"

In their understanding, Khepri was responsible for pushing the sun across the sky. This act represented the cycle of death (sunset) and rebirth (sunrise). The metaphor might have found its origin in the way balls of dung are pushed by scarab beetles, which were believed to keep the Earth revolving like a giant ball of dung. Scarab eggs are laid in balls of dung, from which they eventually emerge, fully formed.

  • Art-Direction/Photography: Jonas Leriche
  • Make-up: Caroline Quirynen
  • Model: Glenn Rudge