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Photography Octopussy

About this work

I am enamored by octopuses.

Octopuses are skilled camouflage artists. Specialized cells just under their skin, called chromatophores, help them to change color instantaneously. I wanted to reflect that ability in an artwork, and it inspired me to create a silver octopus. We covered an octopus with silver pigment and applied black paint to the model, accentuating her eyes and lips with silver dye.

The suction cups left an organic pattern on her arms. For a moment, it is almost as if they became one. The octopus, a highly intelligent creature, has hijacked her brain and is able to communicate through the eyes of the model.

Because of the mysterious nature and intricate details in this artwork, I often call it my own “Mona Lisa”.

  • Art-Direction/Photography: Jonas Leriche
  • Make-up: Tom Vandewalle
  • Model: Diwa