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Savage Beauty

Photography Savage Beauty

About this work

To create Savage Beauty, I worked together with Alain Stein, extraordinary postman by day and animal skeleton aficionado by night.

It was an elaborate process that started with a cadaver. Alain cleaned away the meat and degreased the bones with acetone, then bleached them. Alain and I then painstakingly reconstructed the ostrich, bone by bone, using wire and otherworldly patience.

Once fully reconstructed, I gilded the ostrich entirely with gold leaf, turning it into a bizarre and powerful treasure, readying the magnificent beast to encounter its savage beauty.

But who or what could ride it? I had a vision of a female warrior: wild, sexy, terrifying, eliciting fear as well as desire in her enemies. It is said that if you are open to symbolism it will carry you away.

  • Art-Direction/Photography: Jonas Leriche
  • Make-up: Caroline Quirynen
  • Model: Dayse Lima
  • Behind The Scenes Photography: Ilse de Smedt

The ostrich is a prime example of an animal that harbors the primitiveness of its original species in it. An animal that evokes visions of speed and raw power in a fantastical storybook form.