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Sin of a Geisha

Photography Sin of a Geisha

About this work

An artwork modeled after geisha, female Japanese entertainers who perform traditional Japanese art forms, such as dance and singing. I included in the artwork some of their distinctive characteristics, such the kimono and the oshiroi makeup they wear.

Traditionally, geisha held an appeal for male guests as a woman outside of the role of wife. Their wives were modest and responsible, while geisha could seem playful and carefree.

Appearing to lead a superficial life, Sin of a Geisha lets the observer wonder about the mysteries hidden beneath the layers of oshiroi they wear on the skin.

  • Art-Direction/Photography: Jonas Leriche
  • Make-up: Caroline Quirynen
  • Model: Chau B.
  • Styling: Izolda Ciurus
  • Behind The Scenes Photography: Ilse de Smedt