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YU-ZEN ゆーぜん

Photography YU-ZEN ゆーぜん

Zen is about finding yourself through meditation, daily perceptions and peaceful practices. It is focused on philosophy and spirituality in daily activities and thoughts while being yourself and living in your own way.

About this work

In YU-ZEN, I hyphenate the word to emphasize the second half of it. On its own, the word ‘zen’ is a Buddhist school of thought originating from Taoist philosophy.

The model seems to be entirely at peace—her eyes closed and a tranquil expression on her face. A magnificent design of traditional Japanese patterns and flowers swirl and wrap around her body, melting into its curves and disappearing into the background, seamlessly blending the model with her surroundings.

  • Art-Direction/Photography: Jonas Leriche
  • Make-up: Amazing Jiro
  • Make-up assistant: Yui Amano
  • Model: Zoeysao
  • Video : Tommy Vuylsteke
  • Behind The Scenes Photography: Alex Vega Lynn